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Memorial Lanterns

During Obon, we honor the spirits of our ancestors by lighting traditional lanterns. Customize a digital lantern to help guide your loved ones home to celebrate.

Obon memorial

Lantern Tiers

The Las Vegas Buddhist Sangha offers a way to memorialize your loved ones through commemorative lanterns that will be displayed on our remembrance website.

Create a personalized lantern in memory of a family member, friend, or anyone dear to your heart by adding their name and relationship. Your lantern will join others in a touching online memorial. Choose a donation level and complete the form below.

Right View

Open donation

Right Intention

Donation of $50

Right Speech

Donation of $100

Right Action

Donation of $250

Right Livelihood

Donation of $500

Right Effort

Donation of $1,000

Right Mindfulness

Donation of $2,500

Right Concentration

Donation of $5,000

Sample Lantern

Digital lanterns available for all memorials. Please indicate if your loved has passed since last year's Obon 2023 for a personalized physical lantern included. We will contact you for more information like the Buddhist name.

Fill out the form below to request custom lanterns. Add the name and connection to your loved one. Complete one lantern for each person or group, up to 30 (more available if needed). Downloads of the personalized lanterns can be saved from the website or will be emailed after creation. Gassho from our hearts for the donation for the 35th Annual Las Vegas Buddhist Sangha Obon Festival.

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